Who are we? Why are we Doing this blog?

I am starting this blog to share some of the things I hear on a daily basis about guns and things that people don’t know. My name is Paul and I am the Owner and Gunsmith at Black Mace Arms. My Business partner is Mac, he is a gunsmith apprentice and is learning fast. I also work for a major manufacturer in the firearms industry. Short and sweet of it is that I talk to customers every day that have multiple problems with their guns. In the industry we don’t call them guns, we call them firearms. so you will see me refer to things that way a lot. But I digress. I hear from people every day that either are new to owning firearms or have had them all their lives, Responsible and trained gun owners do not call me, why is that you say. because they know better than to do the things that I get calls about. This is primarily for the humor as well as to train people. If you don’t know ASK! you will learn something.

I am very new to this so excuse me as I get used to putting my thoughts, Ideas and humorous events on here. I will not include names in order to protect the names of the people I deal with and will probably alter things so it does not affect them in any way. That would be unethical. I will also follow it up with why this problem occurred and what can be done to solve it. Usually it’s something that can be solved very simply by training.  If not then it goes to the realm of what I do as a gunsmith. Which is fix things that other people screw up.

I love my job that is for sure. I get to understand the mechanics of a firearm and work on them and have the satisfaction of seeing the customer smile when it’s complete, I pride myself in doing things right the first time. no matter how long it takes. I also look to learn everything I can. Do I know it all,  NO.  I am constantly learning and if I don’t know how I will find out how.

Now for a little more history on me,  I have been learning to be a gunsmith for almost 20 years, Through studying under other gunsmiths, and learning by video and trial and error. I am not perfect by any means. I have worked on just about every make and model of firearm on the market and am sure that I will find other guns that I have never seen or worked on.  The market is flooded with odd and rare guns and I look forward to every challenge I get.  I specialized in 1911 pistols and will build custom models if asked.

SO now that we have a little history and what I am planning to do. Here goes. I have a small list of things I am going to discuss on here and will take input for subjects. I am going to make sure that I have the facts that I can find and back everything up with comments and research. I am not going to just shoot from the hip on this.   So here goes


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