Warranties, What are they and why


So here goes, Lets talk a little about Warranties, Why because I deal with this stuff all day every day, It is the bane of my existence!

First to the facts! According to something called the Magnuson–Moss Warranty Act, There is no requirement for a manufacturer to offer a warranty on the products they produce, however if they do they must follow the requirements of this act. What are the requirements of this act? Well, without getting into a bunch of legal prose, it states in a nutshell that if a warranty is offered that the terms of this warranty must be clearly stated and readily available to the end user. It also states that the manufacturer offering the warranty must honor the terms laid out in the warranty. It took me 3 days to read through the Magnuson-Moss Warranty act so I am not going to quote it all to you, but here is the jist of it for you.
The Magnuson–Moss Warranty Act does not invalidate or restrict any right or remedy of any consumer under any other federal law, nor does the Act supersede the Federal Trade Commission Act as it pertains to antitrust actions.
The Act does not invalidate or restrict any right or remedy of any consumer under state law. The Act is not the dominant regulation of consumer product warranties, and while it prescribes certain disclosures and restricts certain limitations on warranties, it leaves other warranty law untouched.[9]
Although the Act covers warranties on repair or replacement parts in consumer products, warranties on services for repairs are not covered.
The federal minimum standards for full warranties are waived if the warrantor can show that the problem associated with a warranted consumer product was caused by damage while in the possession of the consumer, or by unreasonable use, including a failure to provide reasonable and necessary maintenance. This information was taken from the wiki site on the act, but you can read the whole thing for yourself. Here is the link to it so that you may peruse it as necessary:


The Warranty act is regulated by our wonderful overlords in the Federal Government (just don’t ask me what I think of government regulation…). Long story short, since a company doesn’t have to offer a warranty if they don’t care to, it is something offered solely to help the consumer and as a marketing gimmick. That being said, let’s move on to the firearms industry part of it.
In the firearms industry MOST companies offer a 1 or 2 year warranty, there are a few of them that offer more, and there are a token number of them that (stupidly) offer a lifetime warranty. Generally, warranty used by firearms manufacturers will state that the company is not responsible for damage done to the firearm by misuse. In fact, I know this because I researched over a dozen company warranties in preparing for this blog post and for my own job. Let me state that again, the company is not responsible for damage done by misuse or lack of proper “reasonable and necessary maintenance”. In other words if you screw it up and fail to follow what the warranty and recommended service intervals say, don’t go crying to the manufacturer unless you’d like to be laughed at.
What is misuse you ask? Basically anything the end user does to the gun to modify or alter it from original condition, also use of reloaded ammunition. Dropping it, etc… the list goes on. The place that I work sets the warranty to protect you against manufacturer defects which is a common way of putting things. But that only applies during the warranty term, and means that the warranty solely applies to defects in the production of the gun. If for instance, you buy a high end shotgun and fail to properly care for the oiled wood stock and the stock subsequently cracks, you are then S.O.L.
To emphasize further, if your firearm is in warranty and something happens to it during the course of normal use that is a mechanical malfunction, chances are good that it is covered. But, if you shoot reloads through it and you blow it up because of a miscalculation or failure during production of those reloads. Take responsibility and own the screw up.

I hear things daily about how people can’t hit what they’re shooting at and, subsequently they think that is a warranty thing, again we go back to training. That is not a warranty problem, If you drop your gun from the tree stand, well you screwed yourself. I could go on and on about the numerous things that are covered under warranty and the things that aren’t. It’s very simple. If you did it own up to it. if you didn’t do it. then get it fixed. If your gun is out of warranty tough luck, get it fixed, pay for it and move on. Read your warranty so you know what is or isn’t covered. And don’t try to get over on the manufacturer. They have heard it all, It’s not going to work. Take responsibility for your actions and be safe with the Firearms you own


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