Customer Service

We have all purchased something at one time or another that has either broken or had some sort of problem. So at some point in time we have had to turn to someone who understands how to solve the problem. When it comes to guns you need someone who not only understands how they work, but also is able to determine the problem and the best solution to that problem. In the gun industry these people are either an Armorer or a Gunsmith,
What is the difference? An Armorer is familiar with the function and operation of a firearm, and is able to do minor repairs mainly replacement of worn or broken parts, or adjustment of parts.
A gunsmith is not only familiar with how the gun works, and is able to replace parts, but is also able to manufacture, customize and fit parts. Most gunsmiths also have knowledge of Machining and various processes of refinishing,
To both it is also necessary to be familiar with how to talk to a customer to explain what the problem is, what has to happen to fix it and what it’s going to cost. These are all skills that in order to be successful you must have. They also have to have a Federal Firearms Licence and be familiar with all the laws pertaining to firearms. Now this is where we get into an area of contention, In dealing with the customer things can go smoothly or things can go bad, Usually when they go bad they go very bad.
Someone a long time ago said that when dealing with a customer the customer is always Right…. WRONG! As a customer you have come to a person with the skills to help you solve the issue. That means you as the customer did not know how to solve the problem. The person repairing the firearm has been through years of training to learn how to repair your firearm. It is our job to fix your firearm or do the work requested in as timely a manner as possible.
Gunsmiths and Armorers are currently in high demand as older guns wear out and break and newer guns which are made from a variety of materials break due to unforeseen reasons. Just like cars firearms are mechanical devices which as we all know are subject to extreme forces, Mechanical devices can fail. the best way to prevent failure’s is to take care of them, Cleaning, lubricating and using good quality ammunition. You should also learn all you can about how to properly use the firearm, this means going to a certified instructor and have them show you how to properly and safely use the firearm.
Since these craftsman are in very high demand, some times that creates a waiting period. One man can only do so much work in a day and if parts are not available, that extends the length of time to either make them or wait for them to come in stock. These are things your gunsmith and Armorer have no control over.
So Here is a simple request, Keep in mind these guys are trying to help you, It is harder for them to do their job if they are constantly answering phone calls and questions. Most of them are in business for themselves by themselves. They are doing the best they can to ensure the job is done right the first time. If you are rude or demanding, they will probably hand your gun back to you incomplete and tell you to take it somewhere else.
Be nice to your gunsmith and you will be amazed at what they get done.


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