Isn’t technology awesome, It allows us to communicate with people instantly all over the world. In the old days you had to write a letter(yes for some people I will hear “whats a letter”) that letter would take a week or more to arrive. Then the recipient would have to write a response which would take another week or two to get back, This could go on and on, thus the term Pen Pals was born, Then came the invention of the phone, wow we can now talk to someone directly anywhere in the world. Then came cell phones, which at first were too expensive for the average person to afford. Then we had home computers and now laptops and tablets and Smart Phones,
I truly believe the use of smart phones has made some people dumber, but then there are the people that have taken the new technologies and said to hell with that,
They have ignored the new technology thinking it was passing fad and would never work, Now the world runs on computers and Smart phones, The tech improves at an alarming rate, and yet there are still people out there that refuse to get with the times, Why? who knows.
We have become an technologically advanced society. Business has grasped this tech to make them more efficient and productive. When the tech deficient people try to contact the tech Savy people there seems to be a clash, This clash sounds something like this.
” Why can’t this be more simple, why do I have to go through all that to get this done? Why can’t you just do it for me?”
Those that know nothing about technology are only hurting themselves at this point, and find themselves unable to function in the world we live in today,

The problem that arises is when they call people for help, These people get frustrated because they can’t figure out how to do something, then they pass that frustration on to the person trying to help them. Thus creates the problem.

If you can’t work your way through a phone tree, which can be complicated but must be done or you are not able to send or receive emails, you are making things very hard for a business to help you. My best advice is

It’s 2014 not 1965 get with the times and learn, it is not hard to find free programs to teach you the basics,  We are more than glad to help you if you can help yourself, if you can’t well I don’t have time or inclination to help someone that is demanding that I do it for them,  and complaining that it’s too complicated

Lets take this and put it into perspective so someone can understand,

A gunsmith uses technical schematics to determine parts needed to do repairs. They also utilize online part suppliers, Now if he can’t look at the online schematics then he is not able to get the current information for those parts. Now most of the part suppliers send out a catalog, but not all of the catalogs include schematics, he can also call them, but if it’s something rare or new, they may not have the information for that. so again they need to be able to navigate the phone tree to get to someone that knows about the guns, as well as be able to get online to get current publications on those models.

I think its great to be old fashioned, that also means experienced, and experience should have taught you that it’s time to get with technology


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