Political Posturing (Moms against guns)

Open Cary

I have been reading dozens of posts concerning the Open carry groups and the Bloomberg supported Moms Demand Action group. In all of them I keep seeing the same information. A group of people are going into restaurants Open carrying long guns, and getting asked to leave, Then the “Mom’s ” raise hell about it( Laughing in our faces). I know that it is their position to get guns away from everyone. They think by getting rid of guns they will be safer, And I have no problem with them “thinking” that, It is their right to have a different opinion. However they can take their Ideology and stick it. I earn my living in the firearms industry, are they going to pay for me to live when they kill my career? I doubt it. They could care less about facts ( which they have none and when challenged they run away and try to change the subject).  It’s very simple the “Mom’s” and “Nanny Bloomberg” need to STAY THE HELL OUT OF OUR LIVES.  You can not have my guns, I will not give them up because of what you say or do.  If you want them that bad, well come get’m and see how successful you are.

Now to the Open Carry people. You are stirring the pot to no avail, every time you show up to a restaurant carrying an AR-15 or and AK, you are simply making people nervous, They have no Idea that you are the good guys, All they see as a Big Gun. Use your brain’s people Our goal is not to scare the hell out of people, It is to show them we are responsible gun owners. I am not saying don’t open carry, I am saying do it responsibly, Open carry a pistol, don’t draw attention, Display it but be respectful of others around you.

Fight the battle with respect and common courtesy to those that may be fearful and you will win them over, Do it by showing off and you will most likely turn people against us.  We don’t need that. I believe 200% that we are in the fight of our lives, and we do have a right to carry whatever gun we can legally carry, But turning store owners and the uneducated public against us is a good way to prove the point of the Idiots in D.C.



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