Remembering D-DAY


You are riding in a landing boat looking at the beach head, bullets buzzing by you. The boat is tossing back and forth shaking your nerves even more than they already are. As you hit the beach the ramp drops, all of your buddies in front of you suddenly fall, you jump over the side of the boat loosing your ruck as you go, You start moving as fast as you can to get up on the beach while dredging through the blood stained sand and water. As you get up on the beach you run to the nearest cover and get down as bullets strike the steel and beach all around you. You reach over and quickly grab a rifle laying next to one of your fallen buddies and start making your way up the beach to the rally point, dodging rounds as you are constantly under a barrage of gunfire. As you reach your rally point you find that half of your platoon didn’t make it, you struggle to come to terms with what you have just experienced, but there is no time for that, you have to make your way up to the guns to silence them, you gather up with others that have made it to the sand berm and begin your assault on the bunkers, earning every inch of movement praying you won’t get hit. This assault lasted all day, the strain on the men was immense. These guys walked into massacre. I could not imagine what it was like for them, the sounds, the smells, the Fear.  They endured more in one day than some soldiers have in their multiple tours of duty. And that was just the beginning of a long tour of duty on hostile land.

Back then we knew why we were fighting and the soldiers did so without a second thought. It was truly for freedom. Many of the soldiers that made it through D-Day were able to see the people that they were fighting for. There were no illusions or pre-conceived notions that they were fighting for oil or money, It was entirely about getting rid of the tyranny that was holding so many people captive,

I would like to take this moment to Salute all of the soldiers  that fought on this day 70 years ago and the sacrifice all of them Made, The will always be hero’s in my heart. To Those that paid the ultimate cost in battle, Thank You for your sacrifice.


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