Plastic Fantastic vs Steel/Aluminum


A discussion was started this morning which led me to this post. Somehow a discussion over a modification to a 1911 turned into a Safe queen versus regular use firearms and of coarse they go directly to the Glock VS 1911 battle. So I decided to take it to the next level.

There are a lot of people that are huge Glock fans, Most of them are so Die hard Glock fans that every thing else sucks, and then you have the 1911 fans and the term “Plastic Fantastic” or “Tactical Tupperware” come up. Lets first look at the Term Glock Tupperware, that simply came from the early Generations of the Glock’s where the box was simply a Tupperware box. Or at least resembled one to almost perfection. Not the greatest strategy, but it worked, Which is what I can say about the Glock, I was anti Glock for years and a Pro 1911 guy, This comes from my training, when I was learning gunsmithing I learned on old Steel guns, and the 1911. I have built several custom 1911 pistols and love them. For an average shooter they tend to be a little expensive not only to purchase but to use as well. But I digress, There comes a time when we all have to look at the new technologies and determine if they will work for us. Almost Every manufacturer of semi-auto handguns is in one way or another producing a Polymer frame gun. Is this a good thing, Yes and no. It reduces weight and provides the possibility to produce a good gun at a lower cost. Lower production cost equals lower cost to the consumer.  Which means more people will buy them.

Mechanically the Steel and Aluminum guns are solid, There is very little flex in the frame, and the gun may to last a little longer. Guns such as the 1911,  the CZ 75 and the Beretta 92FS have been around for years. Functional reliability is good. However everyone looks for modifications that they can do to them to make them better, This is not always necessary but it is done no the less.  There are numerous misconceptions about the metal frame guns, as well. For the 1911’s people say they are prone to Jamming, This is not necessarily true, My guns have been fired with 500 rounds without a failure prior to going to the customer. This smooth operation of the gun can be achieved without much modification. Same with the Beretta 92, some people say they jam or they they are prone to slide or frame cracks. This is simply not true statements. The 92’s that jam are the ones that are not cared for. and the frame crack or slide cracks also only occur when the gun is not taken care of.  As for the CZ. I have never heard any complaints about them.

They are all good shooting pistols and will serve you well for a long time to come as long as they are taken care of.

Now the polymer guns, The stories you hear about them can go from the outrageous to the down right bizarre. I can say that I have never heard of a steel gun being chew up by a dog, I have actually seen a polymer gun that has.



Polymer guns do function properly and in most cases as long as again they are taken care of and you are using a proper grip they are mechanically sound. I used a Smith & Wesson M&P in USPSA  competition with no problems whatsoever. I also have seen Glock’s do just about everything from Jamming to going full auto (after modification) My Glock is my regular carry gun (yes I went over to the dark side, and no the cookies never showed up) My Glock is a good reliable gun. It has had over 40 thousand rounds through it and I have never had a failure, It is also accurate enough that I was able to pass the US Air Marshal qualification with no problem.  So the big question is which one is better than the other…

Neither.  There will still be guys out there that say Steel is real and guys out there that say Polymer guns are the best and 1911’s suck, Everyone is entitled to an opinion, I have seen both Steel and Polymer guns fail. I have seen both work the way they were designed, The choice is up to you. but keep this in mind before taking one side or the other of the argument, The best gun is the one that works for you. not me not your neighbor or buddy, And the gun that works for you may not work for someone else.



One thought on “Plastic Fantastic vs Steel/Aluminum

  1. Great article. There’s a lot of misconceptions out there tied to personal opinions. What’s the best gun? The one you are most comfortable with and shoot the best. Maintain your sidearm of choice and stow your crap about the rest.


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