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I was reading an article the other morning about Remington and their R51. It appears that they have removed the R51 from their website. The reports early this year since the release were that the new gun had issues with feeding and some other problems. Did they release the gun too early?  Probably, but they did release it.

This means that they have basically turned you, the consumer, into the R&D department and you proved it didn’t work correctly. That’s really not the way I believe you should do things. If you are going to release a firearm for production to the public, it needs to be validated and verified that it works.

Other companies do this, as well. This is a problem. We have seen 2 companies with new releases that took a while due to the fact that they worked out the problems ahead of time, One was Beretta with the ARX-100.  The validation took a year and a half after the announcement of the gun but once it was released it worked fine. The other was Glock with the 42. Now Glock did not release information on the gun till it was already in production and had been validated.

This is just a short thought on these guns.  If you are a manufacturer, make sure the gun works, then release it to the public.  If it doesn’t work don’t say anything, get it working and then put it into production.

In the world of computers, the old adage was to never buy the first release of a software package.  First releases tended to be full of problems, which would get worked out by consumers over time, resulting in a second (or third, or tenth) release, which would work very smoothly and was worth the price.  Firearms, however, should NOT have such problems. When a firearm is released to the public it should work properly from the beginning,

I hope in the future they take the time to evaluate and test the firearm thoroughly prior to releasing it so no one gets hurt.


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