Shooting with Family and Friends


As we approach the end of summer, I look back at all the opportunities I have had to shoot with family and friends this summer. The shooting sports have always been a thing to do with good friends and family.  As I was growing up, we would go out with a group of friends and/or family to enjoy a day of skeet or target shooting.  We would also go out to hunt together. In today’s day and age, we still do that but the group has changed slightly.

Talk of competition shooting or just simply going out to the farm for a day of shooting and family fun has become less and less common. The support of others in the shooting sports is diminishing due to the politics of the sport in today’s world.  I think it’s time to get back to enjoying the sport for what it is: Fun for family and friends.  Teach someone new to enjoy the shooting sports or just take time out to be with family and friends. The more we do in the shooting sports, the more it shows other people that the shooting sports is an enjoyable activity and done safely, can be a great way to build friendships that last a lifetime.


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