WOJTEK Forends

I recently had a new style AR-15 fore-end handed to me to install on a customer’s rifle.  This fore-end was unlike any of the ones I normally see people put on their rifles. I was also asked to give my opinion of the new design. This fore-end uses a key-mod style meant to be able to install various rails at whatever location you need.  Normally, you would need to use a specialty fore-end wrench to do this, but you don’t have to do that with this one.  It takes nothing more than a large wrench, an Allen key set, a small pin punch for the gas tube, and a muzzle break wrench.  A vice and receiver block helps, too.

2014-09-08 21.19.04

Just to give you a little background, Wojtek Weaponry is out of southern California, and he has designed and machined these himself.  Once the design was done, he has done what he could to get them out there for people to try.

My first experience with this fore-end was quite interesting. After removing the barrel nut from the fore-end for installation, I noticed that the design permitted you to tighten the barrel nut with a standard crescent wrench -no special tool to install. This makes for ease of installation for the average consumer. Now, you still need to hold the receiver in a vice to install correctly. The barrel nut is also threaded all the way around the outside diameter so you can install the barrel nut without having line up problems with the free-float fore-end.

2014-09-08 21.38.432014-09-08 21.38.52

The fore-end is solidly mounted to the barrel nut via 6 screws and does require the use of a low profile gas block. Once installed, the look is clean and very comfortable even without the rubber slide on grip panels. I am used to the cheese-grater-style picatinny quad rails. The Wojtek fore-end was a major improvement. The fore-ends are available in several lengths as well. The next build I did was with a 13.2-inch fore-end which looked very good on the rifle.

2014-09-08 21.45.302014-09-08 21.45.22

Shooting the firearm with the fore-end was nice. The semi-smooth sides and narrow center of the grip makes the gun very easy to handle in both combat training and long range shooting. There are key-mod accessories available for various attachments, and the key-mod fore-ends are available in several lengths: 7.4″, 9.4″, 11.5″, 13.2″, and 15″. He is also working on making fore-ends for the HK-91, MP5 and FAL rifles.


I have found this fore-end to be very versatile and comfortable. It is mechanically functional and works well with any AR-15 platform rifle. I look forward to seeing other variations come out. I believe Mr. Wojtek has created a product that will work for a lot of users out there. The quality of the material, the machining, and the finish are all very good.

As for me, I am working on putting together another build which will include a Wojtek fore-end.

2014-09-08 21.55.19 2014-09-08 21.55.38 2014-09-08 21.55.51 2014-09-08 21.56.02


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