Engraving- Craftsman at work


Have you ever watched a master craftsman / craftswoman at work? It’s a sight to behold. They get engrossed in the project they are working on and the meticulous detail that goes into it. They concentrate so completely as though there is nothing else around them. This is the sign of a quality craftsman.  They spend years learning their trade, and several more years learning to perfect it.


I had the pleasure of being present when Master Engraver Luca Casari from Beretta Italy was in town. To see the man do something as simple as a straight line in a piece of metal without a guide or straight-edge and not even blink while doing it was incredible. The lines were perfect. There was no sign of him changing depth or stopping in the middle. Soon after watching him, I had the opportunity to get a receiver engraved by him. This was a special project that I was building in memory of my dad who had passed on earlier in the year. Luca took the time to draw out a design for me from pictures I had and took the receiver to engrave it. About an hour later, he returned with the completed piece.

ar10 receiver engraving

These craftsmen are amazing in their ability to capture a thought or picture and then put it to metal. Engraving a firearm can require a ton of time. The artist needs to first determine what they are going to engrave — there are millions of designs and ideas for them to use.  Then they have to put it to the firearm they are engraving. Some times they need to disassemble the firearm prior to starting. Once they start, they really can’t stop till they reach a certain point with the engraving. If they make a mistake, well… they really can’t make a mistake.


There are very few Master Firearms Engravers in the USA, However, I have found a couple that I would trust to do the work if I couldn’t get Luca to do another one for me. Mind you, engraving is usually done to personalize or decorate a firearm.  Once it is done it can’t be undone. But with the right engraver and a little bit of money, you too can have a work of art on your gun.  Be aware it’s not cheap. A Master Engraver can spend a lot of time on an engraving and they will charge for it. But you will get your money’s worth.

gun sidelock01 copyb1x1

Here are links to two engravers I would trust to work on my guns in the US.





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