It’s 2015

Just a short blog post, We have reached the New Year. 2015. What a year this is going to be. We have a lot planned for this year. Black Mace Arms is looking to do a lot more reviews on firearms, Older and New as well as several general informational blogs on products that we try out.

Our goal is to help you find and understand firearms and accessories available on the market. If we run into a product that strikes our interest while working on a firearm, we will put a review of the product.

If there is something you would like us to look into please let  us know.  There are new products coming from the manufacturers on a regular basis so I am sure there will be plenty of opportunity to evaluate a new product.

One thing we will not do is step into the political ring with our blog posts. We are a small gunsmithing company and I simply do not want to get into that. Politics is something we simply despise. We look forward to the next year being full of opportunity and plenty of good and bad products

We wish everyone a Happy and Prosperous 2015


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