What gun should I buy?


This question is posed to thousands of prospective gun owners and dealers on a daily basis, For some reason people believe that the salesman on the other side of the counter is going to know what gun fits your hand and is comfortable to you. So that means that the salesman is not only a mind reader, but also a professional gun fitter. Seriously. I hear it all the time, what gun is best for me. The answer is really not that easy. and it all depends on you as the consumer. Let me state that again IT ALL DEPENDS ON YOU AS THE CUSTOMER.

You can walk up to a salesman and if he is worth his salt and knows anything about guns, will look at you and ask you what your budget is. Then he will proceed to show you several guns that fit in that price range, You need to pick it up ad feel the gun, preferably shoot it if that is possible. Most gun ranges offer rentals at a decent price so go out and shoot all of the guns you are considering.
The first step is to go to the gun store and pick up several different guns, you need to ask yourself several questions while holding the gun.
1. Does it feel comfortable in your hand with a proper grip,
2. Can you operate the controls ie: the safety, magazine release, slide stop
3. Can you operate the gun, is the trigger pull ok for you, can you operate the slide, can you operate the hammer(if it has one)
4. When aiming the gun can you do so with ease and obtain a good sight picture
Once you have done this GO SHOOT THE GUN!
I have seen several people purchase a gun and then go out and shoot it and end up selling it at a loss because it was not comfortable to shoot.
Be aware that in most gun stores across the country, gun sales are FINAL, that means if you make a bad decision you are going to have to live with it. The dealer will not take it back.
Now once you have fired the gun and are comfortable with it then pick up the one you want.
There you go, you have now purchased a new firearm, Now CLEAN IT, don’t go right out and shoot it, clean it and lubricate it.
Why you ask? Most manufacturers ship a gun with a preservative on them not oil. That is so if the gun sits on the shelf it won’t rust so Clean your gun.
Then go out and shoot it,
If you are going to carry this gun looking for a holster can be much of the same process, you need to try it on. Wearing a gun everyday with a bad holster can be miserable. Then you won’t want to carry it. There are tons of options out there for holsters. If you find that you can’t get one that is comfortable then maybe look at a custom holster. They are really not that expensive,
Once you have your holster and your gun the next thing is to TRAIN, you should train on the use of your firearm with a certified instructor on a regular basis. The gun will do you no good if you don’t know what you are doing when it’s time to use it, Even if you think you know how to do it, get with an instructor. Extra training will never hurt you.

The last step is to enjoy your new firearm! Unless something goes terribly wrong you will probably never do anything more than training and practice. which is fine, The shooting sports is supposed to be fun. so HAVE FUN