Objectives of this Blog

We designed this blog to give people an opportunity to see what Black Mace Arms is and to share Ideas and knowledge with the firearms community, If there is something you want us to research and post about, send us a message and we will see what we can do. We are Gunsmiths and have over 20 years experience in the industry,  Sometimes we will discuss opinions on National or local happenings or Gun reviews or a repair. Pretty much everything we will discuss on here will be gun or gun business related. Every once in a while we may touch on something hitting the news or just a point of view. If you read and like what you see please check out our Facebook page.


2 thoughts on “Objectives of this Blog

  1. Bought a Pico. The slide is nearly impossible for my wife and me with arthritis. Wrote to Beretta November 15 with NO reply. Called their service dept and told not to do anything or warranty voided. Took to two dealers and they compared to their stock. This Pico is even tougher than their inventories. I will tell you that as this trap and clays season approaches there will be no more Berettas in our household. We have just replaced the new Pico in my wife’s purse with a Ruger LCP and will investigate the Glock 42. No answer, Thank you Beretta. Will see what we can do to loosen the slide ourselves.


    • Dan I can tell you without a doubt that Beretta will do nothing to redesign the pistol. The one I tested did not have a hard to operate slide. The problem you are experiencing is due to the weight of the spring tension and nothing else. If you alter it you risk a mechanical catastrophic failure. It sounds to me that the Pico is just not for you. I would suggest if that is the case, sell the gun and get something that will work for you. I am just a gunsmith that got to test it prior to release.

      Also a note: threatening to never buy another gun from them or any other manufacturers does nothing but waste your time and energy. These companies have been in business for a long time and will continue with or without your business. Just a point of view.


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